Imaginarium Lab (iLab)

Is a creative media production company based in New York City.
We are visual storytellers and creators with educational backgrounds ranking from filmmaking, editing to journalism and copywriting.
We design and direct Live Action, Animation, and Mixed-Media projects. While the majority of our productions service the traditional commercial advertising industry, we also serve broadcast, film, art, music, design, animation, etc.

Imaginarium Lab is a family of producers, directors, designers, animators, and filmmakers who are all passionate about the work we do. We pride ourselves on our creative integrity, smart producing, lots of passion and ultimately, great work. We also offer our services in USA and Latin-America.



Kaina Dominguez

Founder / Creative Director

Prior to Imaginarium Lab, Kaina directed, produced and edited over a 150 videos such as commercials, TV promos, interviews and music videos for major clients including HBO, AXN, HONDA, and Sony Picture Entertainment. Few years after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication (Central University of Venezuela), Kaina moved from Venezuela to New York and began working as a freelancer.

From concept to delivery, Kaina is involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process, and she strives to bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to every project.


Aylon Ben-Ami

Camera Operator / Editor

Aylon is an active film and video producer with over a decade’s experience creating work for clients such as Nokia, the NFL, Current TV, HBO and the FX Network. Combining his experience of the moving-image with a background in business development and management, he handles many production responsibilities comfortably.

He was born in Israel and has lived and worked in Miami, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, as well. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida where he studied Film History and Theory. As a cinematographer, he is alert and detailed, shooting on many formats from 16mm film cameras to DSLR camera to high-end cinema cameras like the Red Epic and Alexa. Aylon’s vast experience in both production and post-production lends a unique perspective and energy to the Imaginarium Lab team.


Guillermo Toro

Graphic Artist

He is a young soul but with the energy to create and fill a world of expectations. He has developed work for the design and motion graphics area for clients such as Glade, Burger King, Mr. Muscle and also visuals for international Dj’s concerts. The learning process never ends, is the air for his creations, from simplicity to whimsical is the path for design.


Diego Penzo

Music Producer

Diego has been making music since he was a kid, first as a hobby, later as a profession. With a degree on journalism, he worked as a reporter for the music section of one of the most important newspapers in Venezuela, until he started focusing only in music, making jingles and soundtracks for movies and documentaries. He moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2010 where he still works as a music journalist, occasional musician and producer.